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Little Koibito- Samson by Razapple Little Koibito- Samson by Razapple
  • Name: Samson "Samsy" Barnaby Walters
  • Age: 23 
  • Animal: Dog (he's a mutt, mostly of smaller breeds)
  • District: Yuki Mountains~
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Job: Soda Jerk (at Penn's Pharmacy)
  • Personality: A very sweet boy, Samson will always try to help others, even if he isn't sure what to do. He's a bit of a Mama's boy, not quite by choice, but he's tries to venture out and become his own person now. Can get to be very nervous easily, and can be quite clumsy. 
  • Biography: Samson was born and grew up as the only child to the daughter of a very well-off businessman. The story of his parents was one of those classics- Classy girl meets a bad boy, falls head over heels, despite her family's opinion of the boy, and romance happens~. Except his mother and her family are all cats, while his father... is a dog. Still, the two lovers persued their relationship, until the boy's father, like the bad-dog he was, decided it was time to spread his wings and just leave town, just in time for his mother to find out she was pregnant. Despite their opinions on the baby-daddy, her family remained very supportive and continued to help his mother out, through the pregnancy and for years after his birth. Samson never thought it was strange that he was the only non-cat in the family, though he did get teased some in elementary school. After his mother found out about this, she withdrew him and began to homeschool him, thus landing him with a very sheltered, cushioned life. 
    Samsy has now been moved out for a little over a year, and has taken to living in the Yuki mountains, in a small little cottage that he spruced up to be his own. He's still learning quite a lot about how to live and do several things on his own, but he finds that he really loves it. His job at the pharmacy is the first one that he's ever had, and it took him some time to get used to how to work things, but all the hard work and screwing up was worth it to him. 
  • Likes: Living in the mountains, tea, icecream, soda, icecream and soda together, his job, the scarf he always wears, his watch
  • Dislikes: how cold it sometimes gets, his clumsiness, getting his scarf caught on things, when his clothes get wet or when he loses his glasses, how overbearing his mother can be, getting called a Mama's boy because of it
  • Adititional Info:
    -Samson has to call his mother every day, otherwise she starts to worry and will call him thinking the worst has happened
    -He almost always wears a brown scarf around his neck, it's one that his mother hand made him. (it's very soft)
    -Also almost always wears an old watch on his right arm, as it's something that his mother gave him (that she had originally gotten from his father. She has him wear it in hopes that the boy will run into him some day, and uses it as a sign to identify their relation)

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